Well, hello! My name is Lauren, and I am currently one week out from testing for my Florida Real Estate Agent license! I passed the course, now it's just about getting licensed so that I can begin writing this new chapter in my life! So, allow me introduce you to... SoFloLo! That's me!

If you know me, you know I've been working in the retail sector since I was 16. I love selling -- more so finding things for people that they aren't able to find themselves; whether its an item for an elderly man at the grocery store, an out-of-stock lipstick, or a $9,000 coat -- I've gone above and beyond for others even though they may never see me again. It's just what I love to do!

While the Real Estate Market may be a new endeavor for me, I have a drive and a passion to learn this business inside and out, top to bottom. I will not take this opportunity for granted, or try to walk before I can crawl. I plan on being mentored by some of the best in the South Florida Real Estate business, and won't let any of my future clients down by taking any shortcuts.

Thanks for following along on this journey with me. I can't wait to... pass this final. Let's just start there!



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